TechHub and Google announce global partnership and expand collaboration to India

Today Google and TechHub announce their global partnership, bringing more opportunities to TechHub’s 700+ tech startups around the world.

TechHub, the global community for tech entrepreneurs, announced that their partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs will benefit startups from India for the first time. Google supports TechHub’s work to help hundreds of tech companies scale up their businesses. Now TechHub members in Bangalore, other TechHub locations of Riga and Bucharest, plus Madrid, Warsaw and London will have access to programmes and assistance from Google, including Google mentors, the Google for Entrepreneurs international demo days, GFE Exchange and Google Cloud Platform credits for qualifying startups.

Elizabeth Varley, TechHub’s global Co-founder and CEO said, “We are excited to bring this partnership to India to increase TechHub’s support to Indian startups. In Bangalore we see a huge variety of startups creating innovative products, and we want to help them succeed both in India and all around the world. TechHub and Google for Entrepreneurs is a strong partnership that will empower Indian entrepreneurs to go global from the very beginning.”

David Grunwald, Google for Entrepreneurs Head of EMEA Partnerships said “We are excited to expand our work with TechHub beyond Google for Entrepreneurs Campus network, where we have collaborated successfully over a number of years. TechHub’s ‘community first’ values and their focus on supporting founders and startups with education and programs align perfectly with the goals of Google for Entrepreneurs.”

TechHub’s community is global: members hail from 60+ countries and every member can access Googlers in six international cities. TechHub membership gives each entrepreneur access to every TechHub in the world and all the programmes and opportunities available there including flagship events like Startup Funeral, and the monthly TechHubTuesday Demo Night.
Around a third of members base their teams full time in one of TechHub’s spaces, with the majority of members accessing the benefits of TechHub through its rich programme designed to help startups face the challenges of building and growing a global tech company.

Elizabeth Varley, TechHub’s global Co-founder and CEO said “TechHub continuously works to improve the way we support entrepreneurs through every part of the startup lifecycle – idea to exit. Our programme helps founders deal with challenges at the different stages of developing their company and product, whether it’s their first time or fifth time starting a company. TechHub and Google for Entrepreneurs have the same approach – using both relationships and data to truly understand startups.”

Talking about the TechHub and Google #GoGlobal message, TechHub Madrid member Miguel Elizondo, Co-founder and CEO of Festrip said: “From the very beginnings of Festrip, we have firmly believed that the only way to succeed is to go global. As soon as we learnt of TechHub Madrid, we wanted to be one of the first Spanish companies to join their community… and we made it! Our expectations have been surpassed. TechHub has provided us with a great, inspiring space full of potential partners and advisors, and have put the know how of their network to work for us. Thanks to this, we have closed deals in Madrid and London, with more in the coming months.”

TechHub and Google for Entrepreneurs are hosting partnership launch celebrations at TechHub Bangalore on Wednesday 24th February.

24th Convergence India 2016 expo acts as an important platform for Digital India

Digital India propelling ICT growth, Major tech companies betting on the Indian rural market

India has emerged as one of the most promising markets for IT and Telecommunications companies. Initiatives such as Digital India, Make-in-India and Made-in-India are propelling the ICT growth with major tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google betting high on the Indian rural market.

The 24th Convergence India 2016 expo, with its theme “Digital India”, will play a key role in facilitating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for “Digital India”. With support from the Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of communications & information technology, and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting; the expo will be held at Pragati Maidan, during 20th – 22nd January, 2016.

The three day expo will bring together senior government officials, global leaders, professionals, and associations to network, establish trade contacts, and for knowledge sharing.

Exhibiting participants include CISCO one of the prominent organisations at the forefront of the ICT industry, Sanjay Kaul, Managing Director, Service Provider Business, Cisco India & SAARC, said, “Cisco is committed to accelerating India’s digital transformation. We believe the government’s Digital India vision will unleash huge opportunities, revolutionize the way we live, work, play, and learn, and create huge opportunities for the country and its citizens.

The network is at the heart of digital business transformation – the rapid and escalating value derived from the interconnectivity of people, processes, data and things. With the world becoming increasingly digital, Convergence India is an important event for Cisco to demonstrate how we are best suited to help service providers of all types in their digitisation journeys enabling them to drive growth, accelerate innovation and impel digital business transformation.”

Speaking on the growing presence of start-ups at the conference, Prem Behl – Chairman Exhibitions India Group said, “India is witnessing a digital transformation, and this is a golden period for tech companies, especially start-ups, to usher in the next wave of growth in the economy. There are a number of young entrepreneurs in the country, and there is a need to promote them. We are delighted that Convergence India serves as a great platform for emerging companies to be introduced to global technologies, and network with leading organisations and global
speakers under one roof.”

Other bellwethers at the expo include Broadcom, C-Dot, Conax, Cyient, Ericsson, EMC, Harmonic, Mediatek, Microsoft, M-Star, Nagra, Sandisk, Syntax Telenor, and Thomson to name a few.

EnglishLeap Introduces New Features to enhance English Language Learning

A new update of EnglishLeap, one of the top 10 free apps for English language learners is now available on the Google Play Store for Android phones. Users can learn English through 11 vernacular languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Odia and Urdu. Users already using the app will get notifications to update the app to the latest version.

The new version of EnglishLeap App is integrated with more user-friendly features. Commenting on the new version, Mr. Saurabh Chopra, Managing Director of Leap Learning Solution, said, “We are committed to innovation and delivering greater value to our customers. It is our constant endeavor to raise the level of engagement with our users and provide an enriching user experience”

The new features in the app are:

Users can now learn English through 11 Vernacular languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Odia and Urdu. In addition, users can also choose to learn in English.

Daily Quizzes – Quizzes on various aspects of the English language are sent to users on a daily basis.

Vocabulary – Users can check the meaning of any word through this feature. Users can listen to the pronunciation, see the synonyms & antonyms and even see example sentences. Users can also bookmark any word to refer to it as per their convenience. There is also a gaming feature, where users can play a vocabulary quiz to strengthen their vocabulary.

Learning Videos – Users can refer to video modules on the popular English concepts through this feature.

My preferred learning time – Users can set their preferred time of learning and at that time a reminder is sent to the user encouraging them to visit the app and continue learning.

EnglishLeap follows the well established European CEFR framework for language learning. The app allows each user the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. The easy to use application also allows a user to participate and challenge friends or fellow App users, enabling them to learn and play at the same time. EnglishLeap has helped many learners to master the English language. Learning English is the need of the hour and apps such as EnglishLeap are offering the perfect avenue for enthusiasts to learn the language.

One simple setting change can solve your Google Chrome’s memory consumption problem…

Recent builds of Google Chrome comes with a super useful flag option named Tab Discarding. It basically discard tabs that have not been accessed in a while. The tab still exists in the browser but the content is no longer accessing your system’s resources. The tab is reloaded as soon as you click on it removing the need to continuously closing tabs you are not using but might need in near future.

There is one major problem with this of course… It might cause issues on tabs which have dynamic content or you are working on a draft in it as the refresh might result in data loss. I have personally not experienced this as the tabs that are discarded are quite old and I am usually not working on them actively.

The flag can be accessed by entering this URL in Chrome’s omnibox:


I recently upgraded by RAM from 8GB to 16GB because Chrome had become painful to use on 8GB RAM. But due to some conflicts resulting in BSODs, I had to go back to 8GB RAM configuration on my PC. This flag option has pretty much removed the need to double my system’s RAM. Though I do miss not having access to 16GB RAM in Windows 10.

Google Hangouts getting an updated invitation system for communication through phone numbers

Google developers are rolling out an update on their Hangouts mobile app that improves the invitation system based on verified phone numbers for connecting people.

Google Talk originally required a Google account for allowing conversations between two/multiple parties. But with Hangouts, you can connect with your friends and family using your phone number as well.

Google Photos on Android now feature improved album management

Google announced earlier this week that they are shutting down Google+ Photos platform to focus entirely on the recently launched Google Photos ecosystem.

This did not impress the users of Google Photos as the app still lack a lot of features that were present in Google+ Photos and even Picasa Web.

Anyways, the good news is that the Google Photos app for Android has received an update today that comes with a bunch of new functionality.

Users get more options to manage their albums and add description to their photos.

Basic changelog:

– Change cover photos on your albums
– Add and remove photos from an album from the same screen
– Add, edit, and view descriptions for individual photos
– Tap-and-hold a date header to select all photos from that day
– Pull down anytime to exit search
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Photos for Android – now with improved album management We’re releasing…

Google Drive gets a plugin for Microsoft Office

Google this week launched a Drive plugin for Microsoft Office. This allow Google Drive users to open their Drive hosted documents right inside Office apps.

They can also choose to save directly on Google Drive while saving a new document. Google said:

With Google Drive, you can keep all your important files in one place, then open them with your choice of apps and devices. Building on this open approach, we recently made it possible to launch your favorite desktop applications directly from Google Drive. And today we’re taking it a step further by bringing Google Drive to Microsoft Office. Using the new Google Drive plug-in, people using Office for Windows can now open their Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents stored in Drive, then save any changes back to Drive once they’re done.

Google Drive Blog: Introducing the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office

Update: Google Drive plugin does not appear to work if you save your documents in OpenDocument Format:

Google Drive gets a plugin for Microsoft Office

Google Drive add new options to disable downloading, printing and copying of shared files

Google rolled out a useful new feature on their Drive platform which has been much awaited.

Users can now lock their files from downloading, printing and copying while sharing it with others.

These new options are accessible from sharing settings in all three major components: Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Disable downloading, printing and copying when you only want to share your…

Google Hangouts is now material… On Apple iOS!

A lot of Hangouts fans would get disappointed to see that Google decided to rollout material Hangouts for Apple iOS devices first.

Hopefully Google Android would get it in the coming days!

– Sleek & polished with material design
– Quick compose button to find your most frequent contacts and start a new conversation
– Easy access to the full complement of attachments, making it easy to pick photos, stickers, emoji and more
– Improved experience for phone calling with a new Dialer UI