Google Chrome OS is getting support for RAW files

Google continues to improve support for RAW images in the newer builds of Chrome OS dev channel.

Googler François Beaufort highlighted the latest improvements:

According to the source code², ARW, CR2, DNG, NEF, NRW, ORF, RAF and RW2 files are the first ones to be editable directly from the Gallery App. For info, it actually converts back to JPG compressed format when you edit the RAW image. Note that the PNaCl³ module responsible for decoding RAW files is called PiexLoader and is only enabled for Google Chrome OS, not chromium build.

Photographers will be happy to learn that the Files App is slowly getting…

Photographers will be happy to learn that the Files App is slowly getting…

Google makes it easy to discover connectors to cloud storage services like Dropbox in Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS recently gained some new APIs which allow users to connect to third party cloud and local storage systems like Dropbox and SFTP.

A bunch of extensions are already available providing easy access to multiple platforms.

Google is now making discovery of these apps easier through a new option in the Files app.

You can now discover all available options by selecting: Add new services.

Chrome Extensions/Apps using the File System Provider¹ API can now be easily…

Google Chrome OS gets experimental MTP write support

Google Chrome OS is finally getting MTP write support. The feature is currently in development stages so could be buggy for regular use.

You can turn it on in the latest dev builds of Chrome by enabling this Chrome Flag:


You would need to restart your Chrome OS device and connect your phone to get it working.

Experimental MTP write support has just landed in the Files App in the last Dev…

Chrome Launcher 2.0 for Google Chrome OS rolling out in beta channel soon

Google Chrome OS beta channel would soon get the second generation of Chrome Launcher.

The newer edition is simpler in design and is focused around search. It also comes with most of the functionalities of Google Now from Android and iOS devices.

You get your Now powered notifications and messages along with a search field to look for your apps.

As you know, I’m running Chrome OS on Dev Channel every day and this might…

Accessing Dropbox like Google Drive on Chrome OS is now possible!

A brand new Chrome OS app is now available that makes use of newer APIs on the platform to add support for Dropbox to your Chromebooks. Dropbox appears as a new drive in the left column of Files app just like Drive.

This software provides you an ability to mount your Dropbox to Chrome OS (unofficial software).

* Works on only ChromeOS.
* Will unmount automatically when the access token is expired to access Dropbox Core API.

File System for Dropbox – Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome OS Files app can now backup camera files to Google Drive

Google Chrome OS is getting a new feature enabling easier backups to Google Drive.

Users already had the option to backup photos and videos to Google+ Photos. The Files app in Chrome OS would now offer a quick option to upload content in DCIM folder to Google Drive.

Googler François Beaufort said:

Backing up your media device’s photos and videos has never been easier thanks to the experimental Cloud Backup feature in the Files App since the last Dev Update. Insert any removable media device such as a USB key or a SD Card which contains at its root the famous DCIM folder. Then, navigate to this folder and notice the “cloud” icon at the very top right corner. Click on it and you’re done! Your photos and videos will be automatically synced to your Google Drive under a newly created photos folder.

François Beaufort – Google+