Airtel IPTV Installation Experience

Airtel IPTV Installation Experience

In two words, Mind Boggling.

Two people arrived at my place with cloth cover on their shoes. Apparently, they were not allowed to enter with their shoes in customer premises.

They greeted me politely. Introduced themselves.

They had their own newspapers to place their bags on! They were not allowed to place their stuff on let’s say tables or other furniture.

They checked out the position of the telephone connection and the television set. Discussed amongst themselves and told me that the entire wiring process would take around 30-40 minutes.

Then they began the wiring process. Explained me everything they were doing. Were very polite with me and with each other! No shouting, no informal talks. Just pure concentration on their work.

One of the individuals had to make a call to his senior. He asked me if he can make a call. I assumed he wanted to use my phone for that call. Instead, he was just asking me whether he can excuse himself to make a call from his own cell phone!


They extended my telephone wire to get it out of the way without my asking for that. That was pretty helpful.

In the end, it turned out to be a wonderful experience dealing with Airtel IPTV’s installation people. They are going to activate my connection tomorrow morning. Let’s see how that goes.

Here are some photos:


Airtel IPTV Box


Guys had shoe covers


They placed their bags on newspapers they had bought themselves.


The remote is ugly as hell. Let’s hope it is at least as functional as Airtel promises it is.


This is what the Airtel IPTV Box contains.

DSC07877 _DSC7880

Airtel likes to call it media console not Set Top Box.


These are the ports at the back of the media console box.