Lukewarm Reception for New UK Broadband ISP Switching System

A new survey of 748 readers (*), which is a broadband and Internet technology focused consumer information website, has revealed that 85% of respondents have at some point switched their Internet or phone provider. Never the less only 15.2% believe that Ofcom’s new migration system will make them more likely to switch in the future and that’s despite 66.5% saying they were aware of the new system.

Do you think Ofcom’s new process will make you more likely to switch?
No – 45.8%
Maybe – 38.8%
Yes – 15.2%

The telecoms regulator introduced its new harmonised approach to switching on 20th June 2015 (**), which puts all the migration power into the hands of the gaining provider instead of your existing one. As a result consumers who wish to swap ISPs need only contact their new / chosen ISP in order to begin the process of switching and everything else is handled automatically.

The need for a new system is supported by the fact that only a little over half of respondents to’s survey have actually experienced a smooth switching process, with others tending to find it either slow or problematic.

What was your experience of the switching process?
Smooth – 54.6%
Problematic – 25.1%
I’ve never switched – 13.2%
Slow – 6.9%

“It’s too early to say whether the improvements introduced by Ofcom’s harmonised switching process will overcome past problems or simply create new ones,” said’s Founder, Mark Jackson. “Never the less it’s clear that most consumers are aware of the change, even though only a small portion may feel specifically encouraged to swap because of its introduction.”

“The fact that switching is now much easier should be generally welcomed, although the process will still take around 10 working days to complete and currently only applies to ISPs that operate off KC’s network in Hull and Openreach’s (BT) national UK telecoms infrastructure. In an ideal world we’d like to see it being extended to include Virgin Media’s cable platform, although the physically separate nature of their network does present some complicated challenges,” concluded Jackson.

MTNL Broadband launches a 2mbps 4GB FUP Plan for Rs. 500

MTNL Broadband launches a 2mbps 4GB FUP Plan for Rs. 500

MTNL Broadband has launched a new low-end plan with 2mbps speeds. This plan give 4GB of data transfer at 2mbps. After the limits are reached, speeds are dropped to 512kbps.

Upload speeds on this plan are restricted at 512kbps.

You can essentially consider this has an unlimited 512kbps plan with a temporary speed boost in the initial days of the billing cycle. :)

The plan is named Unlimited Broadband / Combo Plan-499 and is available for the next 30 days only.

airtel broadband once again forcing new plans on customers

airtel broadband is doing it again. It is switching customers to newer plans automatically without giving them the option to retain their older plans.

The company claims that newer plans are better in nature. But they are also more expensive.

airtel broadband once again forcing new plans on customers

Most of the updated plans cost around 100 bucks extra. Small change for the company but not everyone is happy.

Fair usage policy of course remains the biggest problem with airtel broadband packages. It is as low as 3GB on some plans. The maximum they offer is 150GB on their higher end packages.

Reliance distributing a new movie means file sharing services are blocked in India

This is not happening for the first time. We have seen this happen before with Singham and others.

Don 2 was released this week and Reliance has done it again. They probably got the same court order that enabled them to block file sharing services for a couple of days in the past.

As a result, on most ISPs in India today, you are unlikely to be able to access services like: MediaFire, FileSonic, Wupload.

Reliance distributing a new movie means file sharing services are blocked in India

The ban would probably be removed in a week or so once the movie has gone through its honeymoon period.

The bigger question is… How can a private company have so much influence over what we can and cannot access on the internet?

How long would it take for them to start targeting blogs and social media networks criticizing them with similar strategies?

Our government of course is not bothered. They are in fact supporting menaces like Reliance by recommending laws and regulations that would result in more censoring over the internet.

If you value your freedom of speech and other rights given to you by the constitution of India, you would not want to ignore the new developments in the country today. Even if it does not affect you right now, it would soon someday.

Tata Sky and YOU Broadband offering exciting broadband plans for VoD service

Tata Sky recently became the first DTH service provider in the country to offer VoD service powered by internet.

The set top box connects to the internet and the movies are downloaded on the STB for viewing.

Tata Sky has now announced a deal with YOU Broadband and the two companies are offering exclusive broadband plans for the users of VoD service on Tata Sky.

Two plans are available:

12 mbps
3 months validity
Rs. 1199
1 mbps post FUP speeds

12 mbps
1 month validity
Rs. 649
1 mbps post FUP speeds

These plans are pretty incredible as you can essentially get 1mbps unlimited for as little as Rs. 650.

Airtel Broadband has new swift branded plans on offer

Airtel Broadband has new swift broadband plans on offer

Airtel broadband has launched a couple of new plans aimed at users who have low internet usage.

These plans offer 2-4mbps download speeds but have limited data transfer limits.

Here are the three new plans available:

Airtel broadband swift 799
20GB at 2mbps for Rs 799

Airtel broadband swift 899
30GB at 2mbps for Rs 899

Airtel broadband swift 999
30GB at 4mbps for Rs 999

We really hope airtel think beyond 20/30GB plans for heavy users and launch plans with higher usage limits.

The best plan they have is 2099 which has 150GB data transfer at 4mbps.

Hayai Broadband finally launches (in Mumbai)

Hayai Broadband finally launches (in Mumbai)

Hayai Broadband has finally launched their operations in the city of Mumbai.

The website is now online and is accepting bookings for new connections.

There are a couple of problems though. We are still waiting for details on where the connectivity is available right now and how soon the connections can be delivered.

Hayai Broadband finally launches (in Mumbai)

We can only tell that some parts of Mumbai are currently covered.

But we hope that the website would soon feature all the details.

Hayai originally planned to offer connectivity through fiber only. But they are for now offering connectivity through copper in some areas to ensure that more people can get connected quickly.

They would be laying down their own fiber network in the coming months to convert all copper based networks to fiber.

airtel Broadband smartbytes offer

airtel Broadband smartbytes offer

airtel apparently has offered these paid data plans for a while now. A user of India Broadband Forum pointed us to this link.

Interesting thing about this link is that you can quickly check your account’s usage without logging in to your account.

No password is asked and you get to check out your own internet usage.

And from here you can subscribe to an additional data package plan. Here are the available options:

1 GB for Rs. 99
2 GB for Rs. 159
5 GB for Rs. 299
10 GB for Rs. 449
20 GB for Rs. 799
50 GB for Rs. 1499

These prices are most likely exclusive of the relevant taxes. And airtel conveniently adds:

Additional GBs purchased on airtel smartbytes are available for usage in the current bill cycle only and will not be available in the next bill cycle.