BitTorrent Bleep now support photo sharing

Bittorrent Inc. updated their Bleep group messaging apps today with support for sharing photos.

The company said:

You can now share a single photo or a collection of photos straight from one device to another, and it will show up within the chat window.

Other improvements:

We’ve also made significant stability and reliability improvements, particularly with data and battery usage on Android. If you are an Android user, you can now use Bleep on cellular data comfortably. We’ve also introduced an easy on-boarding process that will automatically connect users to people who have invited them to Bleep. Now, you won’t have to go through the hassle of connecting with a friend you’ve already recommended to the platform.

Images now Available on Bleep | The Official BitTorrent Blog

BitTorrent Sync 2.0 now limit free accounts to just 10 folders

BitTorrent Inc. today released the second major release of their Sync platform. With this update, the company is initiating monetizing of the service. There is a Pro version that comes with a subscription fee. The free account has been crippled with a limit of 10 folders.

The company said:

To ensure everyone has the ability to sync and share directly, without the barriers of the cloud, the core Sync functionality is free. Free users have the ability to synchronize up to 10 folders, with no limits on file sizes and transfer speeds. For the first 30 days, all Sync Pro functionality is enabled, allowing everyone to try these new features.

Sync 2.0: Skip The Cloud, Share Direct | The Official BitTorrent Blog

Pro version has no limits on folders plus has additional features for power users and businesses.

BitTorrent Bleep gets support for asynchronous offline messaging

BitTorrent Inc. today updated their Bleep app with a major new feature. Asynchronous offline messaging support.

This means that a user no longer needs to be online for his offline messages to get delivered to the other party.

The company however warned that this feature is not perfect as it relies upon DHT where the messages can eventually disappear.

The developers said:

As we explore offline messaging with Bleep, it’s important to note that in this version, we cannot guarantee that an offline message will be delivered, as it will likely not last in the DHT more than a few days. The ephemeral nature of the DHT means that these messages are also truly ephemeral, and will. It’s up to the receiver to retrieve messages before they disappear. However, When the sender is back to being online, we will refresh offline messages in DHT if they are not yet delivered. While the chance of a message completely disappearing and becoming undeliverable is very slim, we’re working hard to improve this feature in a future version.

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Bleep now support offline messages (not really)

BitTorrent Inc. announced today that their p2p based group messaging app Bleep now support offline messaging.

There is a problem here though. The messages are not exactly sent when the other party is offline. The app basically stores it.

It is sent when both the parties are online next.

The company said:

Today, we’re proud to bring basic Offline Messaging support to Bleep. Now, a user can send messages to an offline user, and the message will be sent once both users are online again. Bleep doesn’t rely on servers to send communications, so these messages live on the device of the sender until a connection is made. This ensures that offline messaging remains secure and away from unauthorized viewers.

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Other improvements:

In addition, this new release includes stability improvements, and will enable users to see more of their friends online. We have also made improvements to reduce data usage, but Bleep is still not ideal for mobile environments on cellular data. We also listened to your feedback about our UI: Bleep is now easier to use than ever.

µTorrent Pro to feature ability to preview media before download completes and more

BitTorrent Inc. today announced a new paid plan for their µTorrent client. µTorrent Pro replaces µTorrent Plus package and costs USD 20 per year.

The company is promising new features including ability to stream content before it is downloaded completely.

The product would also include built-in antivirus protection and a HD video player along with video conversion to multiple formats for portability.

The company said:

µTorrent Pro will continue to be updated with new features as we continue to work to make it the best experience. Pro users will gain early access to these updates at no extra charge. While our free users have access to our new Help Center to research solutions to their issues, Pro will continue to have access to our Customer Support Team for one-on-one assistance with any technical or billing-related issues you encounter.

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BitTorrent Bleep is out of private alpha. Gets OS X and Android apps!

BitTorrent Inc. has finally taken out their secure instant messaging platform Bleep out of private alpha. The app now has public test builds for Windows, OS X and Android. The company said:

Every message sent through Bleep is fully encrypted, end to end, and only stored locally on your device, ensuring privacy with every message. Users can also easily delete their encrypted message history, leaving no trace of conversation behind.

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BitTorrent Sync 1.4 makes sharing folders easier

BitTorrent Inc. today released the latest version of their Sync app. the latest update is focused on simplifying sharing of folders with friends, family and even business contacts.

Instead of sharing cryptic secret keys, you can now share a folder with a link that comes with details on how to get started with Sync in case the user is new to the platform.

The company added:

With Sync 1.4, we’ve built a workflow it to the application that makes it easy to share. The big feature with this update is the introduction of links. It’s simple sharing, without needing to set up an account.

Windows, OS X, and Linux versions are out now. Mobile apps would be updated in the coming hours.

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BitTorrent Bleep messaging service gets into private alpha testing

BitTorrent Bleep

BitTorrent Inc. today announced that they have started testing their Bleep messaging service with a limited number of users.

They had asked interested followers to signup to join the testing group few weeks ago.

Right now the app is available only on the Windows platform. BitTorrent highlighted the features:

Our big idea was to apply distributed technology to conversations. That means no servers required. This enables people using Bleep to make a direct, decentralized connection to someone they trust. Bleep offers the freedom to communicate without the risk of metadata being exposed.
Consider Bleep your personal redaction pen controlled by you and only you. Anything you say is Bleep-ed out to us and everyone else for that matter.

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Vuze Leap is a torrent client for newbies

Vuze has one of the most powerful BitTorrent client in the market today. This also makes it kind of hard to understand for users new to torrenting. The company does not want to lose this market to competition so they have released a brand new torrent client for such users. They have named it Leap.

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Vuze Leap is essentially a basic torrent app that provides the basic functionality of downloading torrent files from the web. There are three core views in the app: find, download and play. It cannot get any simpler than this!

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Seagate to offer BitTorrent Sync on their new generation of NAS hardware

BitTorrent Inc. announced today that their Sync app is one of the five essential launch apps to be offered on the new generation of Seagate NAS solutions.

Seagate NAS and Seagate NAS Pro are both on sale now and they offer a new section called App Manager.

Owners can install new apps through this section to their NAS and BT Sync is one of the recommended solutions.

BitTorrent Inc. said:

We’ve always been believers in the synergy of Sync on NAS. Sync brings security, speed and control. NAS devices bring the always on functionality. It creates a strong alternative to the public cloud and having to rely on third-party servers, creating instead a private cloud structure that provides all the benefits, without any of the limitations.

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