Bitly is now offering only 500 branded URLs on free accounts

Bitly has announced that they are limiting the number of branded URLs on free accounts to just 500 links per month.

This limit was much higher until now. The company said in a note:

For 99% of our personal users, 500 branded Bitlinks each month is more than enough for their efforts. If you need to create more than 500 branded Bitlinks each month, please contact us about upgrading you to one of our commercial packages.

If you cross the limit, newer links would use the default branding for the rest of the month.

Bitly adds support for mobile deep linking

Bitly today announced support for mobile deep linking to stay relevant in the mobile centric world. The company said:

With Deep Links from Bitly, you can now automatically direct users to the ideal consumption medium; in-app, on the web or to an invitation to download your app if they don’t already have it installed. That means more app downloads and higher engagement.

Bitly blog — Introducing Mobile Deep Linking by Bitly

Sadly, this feature is currently available only to Bitly Brand Tools customers.

Bitly user account credentials have been compromised

Yet another case of a popular online service getting hacked causing a lot of heartburn for their customers.

If you have an account on Bitly, you are advised to find out other web services where you are using the same account password and change it asap.

Bitly said in a blog post:

We have reason to believe that Bitly account credentials have been compromised. We have no indication at this time that any accounts have been accessed without permission. For our users’ protection, we have taken proactive steps to ensure the security of all accounts, including disconnecting all users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. All users can safely reconnect these accounts at their next login.

Read more: bitly blog — Urgent Security Update Regarding Your Bitly Account

Bitly Realtime gets an update with pagination support

Bitly Realtime gets an update with pagination support

Bitly has rolled out some updates on their Realtime platform. Users can now search for latest links related to individual cities.

They have also added pagination support to enable you to go through more content being shared on social networks around the world.

Bitly Realtime is an excellent platform to search for what is popular right now on the web. It shows results based on number of clicks on popular web pages in the last couple of minutes.

Bitly labs has a new product named realtime

Bitly labs has a new product named realtime

Bitly labs is testing a brand new web service named realtime.

Realtime as the name suggests is all about realtime access to the most popular content on the web.

It uses the click data collected by bitly on the links powered by them.

Here is how the company describes it:

Realtime is an internet attention ranking engine, giving you powerful tools for analyzing what the world is paying attention to right now. You can filter and explore activity on the social web by topics, phrases, domains, social networks and more.

Bitly still remains the most popular link sharing service on the web today. Links powered by their technology are shared through multiple social networks.

They might not have data on all the links shared on all the networks but it still is a pretty solid parameter to see what is popular right now.

They have a waiting list if you want to get access to the service right now.

Bitly labs has a new product named realtime

Bitly launches their new website with focus on bitmarks

Bitly launches their new website with focus on bitmarks

Bitly has rolled out a brand new update on their website and it is already causing a lot of heartache for their users.

The overhaul is aimed at turning the service into a social bookmarking platform. The company is however known more as a link shortening service.

Bitly now call shortened links as bitmarks. The idea is that the links you shorten are added as bookmarks to your account which you can easily search through.

The service also lets you share your bitmarks with the world through your profile. You can selectively share your bitmarks in public and private mode. There are also options to share the bitmarks with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Similar capabilities are also now available on Bitly Bundles which are essentially collection of links accessible from a single location. Searching through your bitmarks and bundles is available from a find as you type search box.

The company has also launched their first mobile app for the Apple iPhone platform. You can use it to create new bitmarks or access your existing ones on the move.

Bitly is working on a search engine based on recent trends!

Bitly has confirmed that they are working on a search engine that would show results popular on social networks.

The company is already one of the largest link shortening service provider in the world. Though recent developments at Twitter has somewhat changed things for them.

Bitly is working on a search engine based on recent trends!

Twitter is now wrapping all links on their network through their own link shortening service. However, bitly links posted by users are still routed through their bitly’s network.

The company is aiming to provide a search service that would show relevant results based on popular trends on the web.

It could become a real powerful real time search engine platform looking at the data they gather from the short links generated by their platform.

Bitly announces search platform and reputation monitoring service for enterprises

Bitly announces search platform and reputation monitoring service for enterprises

Bitly has announced the launch of a search platform and reputation monitoring service targeted at enterprises.

The company said that companies would be able to use their platform to check out the most popular stories on the web at any given time related to their own operations.

They would be able to keep an eye on the positive and negative reports about their brands on the web using this platform.

Bitly said:

The first product we’ve built on top of this technology is a reputation monitoring service. We added a layer of sentiment analysis to our search results and built an alert system that lets our customers know what people are saying about products, brands, or about any topic on social media. Unlike a typical clipping service, which lets you know the things that people have already said about you on Facebook, this is an early-warning system, designed to alert you in real-time to swings in volume and sentiment related to specific keywords.

The company has the advantage of being one of the most popular link shortening services on the web even though Twitter no longer uses their service for shortening links on their network by default. and are probably their biggest rivals.