Airtel IPTV Packages updated!

Airtel IPTV Packages updated!

Airtel has launched new updated packages for the users of their IPTV services.

The new packages have been updated to match the ones launched under the experience promotional campaign for their broadband services.

Here are the details:

Magic@Home Value
Rs. 999 for 135 channels with 256kbps

Magic@Home 384
Rs. 1299 for 135 channels with 384kbps

Magic@Home Turbo
Rs. 1499 for 135 channels with 512kbps (daytime) and 1mbps (night time)

Magic@Home Freedom
Rs. 1899 for 135 channels with 1mbps

All broadband connections are unlimited. Night time applies from 10PM to 6AM.

Airtel adds more channels in Time Shift on Airtel IPTV

Airtel adds more channels in Time Shift on Airtel IPTV

Airtel has finally started taking some steps to ensure that their IPTV services are worth the price.

The company charges a premium for the connectivity and the user is required to take their landline and broadband connection as well.

They are currently offering around 135 channels and the connection turns out to be pretty affordable along with their combo broadband packages.

The latest news is that the company has added a lot of new channels in the Time Shift service which enables the user to pause and play live TV. They can also access past programming for up to 7 days at any given time.

The channels currently on offer on Airtel IPTV Time Shift are:

Zee Cinema
Star Gold
Sahara Filmy
Zee Classic
Zee Action
UTV Movies
Star Movies
Sony PIX
Channel [V]
Star Plus
Zee TV
Star One
Zee Studio
Star World
NDTV Imagine
Ten Sports
Neo Sports
Zee Business
BBC World
National Geographic
Travel and Living
Cartoon Network
PTC Punjabi

Airtel Digital TV Interactive new updated plans!

Airtel Digital TV Interactive new updated plans!

Airtel has finally made IPTV a bit more affordable for their customers.

The company however failed to alert their existing customers which are probably still paying the prices of the older expensive plans.

The new plans make IPTV more affordable for customers who already have an Airtel Broadband connection.

Getting a new IPTV connection for existing Airtel Broadband customer is much cheaper. It costs:

Rs. 2500 with Wi-Fi
Rs. 2000 without Wi-Fi

There are three combo plans on offer:

Rs. 999 for 256kbps Unlimited with IPTV
Rs. 1299 for 384kbps Unlimited with IPTV
Rs. 1599 for 512kbps Unlimited with IPTV

Previously, any customer on the 512kbps unlimited plan was required to pay Rs. 1500 + Rs 400 + taxes to avail IPTV services. The price for those customers is now down to Rs. 1599 + taxes.

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Airtel set to launch DTH service for Cars!

Airtel set to launch DTH service for Cars!

Airtel already has a major presence in the DTH market with their Airtel Digital TV service.

The company is now working on plans to launch DTH service for cars.

DTH service can work on moving cars with help from a special auto-tracking antenna that is mounted on the roof of the car.

Airtel is said to be in talks with several automakers to bring this option to car buyers in the country.

Airtel said: “We have a product for SUVs, trains and buses. The cost of installations is high. That is why we are talking about higher-end side of the market, like SUVs and trains.”

Zee Dish TV incidentally has a similar offer which works in cars.

Airtel DTH adding around one lakh customers per month

Airtel DTH adding around one lakh customers per month

Bharti Group has announced that they are soon going to expand the availability of their DTH services in the country.

The company said that they are currently adding around 4000 new customers a day.

Bharti Group Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal said in a statement: “We are adding 4,000 customers a day and over a lakh customers a month … I am really delighted. This is one of the best industry experience for me with the kind of response we are getting from the customers.”

He was speaking at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The service is currently available in 92 different cities in the country. It has rivals including Zee Dish TV, Tata Sky DTH, Reliance Big TV and Sun Direct DTH.

The company is also offering IPTV services in Delhi NCR region.

Airtel IPTV Installation Experience

Airtel IPTV Installation Experience

In two words, Mind Boggling.

Two people arrived at my place with cloth cover on their shoes. Apparently, they were not allowed to enter with their shoes in customer premises.

They greeted me politely. Introduced themselves.

They had their own newspapers to place their bags on! They were not allowed to place their stuff on let’s say tables or other furniture.

They checked out the position of the telephone connection and the television set. Discussed amongst themselves and told me that the entire wiring process would take around 30-40 minutes.

Then they began the wiring process. Explained me everything they were doing. Were very polite with me and with each other! No shouting, no informal talks. Just pure concentration on their work.

One of the individuals had to make a call to his senior. He asked me if he can make a call. I assumed he wanted to use my phone for that call. Instead, he was just asking me whether he can excuse himself to make a call from his own cell phone!


They extended my telephone wire to get it out of the way without my asking for that. That was pretty helpful.

In the end, it turned out to be a wonderful experience dealing with Airtel IPTV’s installation people. They are going to activate my connection tomorrow morning. Let’s see how that goes.

Here are some photos:


Airtel IPTV Box


Guys had shoe covers


They placed their bags on newspapers they had bought themselves.


The remote is ugly as hell. Let’s hope it is at least as functional as Airtel promises it is.


This is what the Airtel IPTV Box contains.

DSC07877 _DSC7880

Airtel likes to call it media console not Set Top Box.


These are the ports at the back of the media console box.



Bharti Airtel collaborates with Infosys Technologies for Airtel Digital TV DTH Service

Bharti Airtel collaborates with Infosys Technologies for Airtel Digital TV DTH Service

Bharti Airtel has just launched their direct to home service. They have named it Airtel Digital TV.

The company has now entered into a deal with IT giant Infosys technologies.

Infosys would provide Airtel technical help and products for this DTH service which competes with existing players in the market including Zee Dish TV, Tata Sky and Reliance Big TV.

Atul Bindal, president-telemedia services, Bharti Airtel spoke about their deal with Infosys: “Through this partnership with Infosys, Airtel aims to revolutionize the TV-viewing experience and usher in the future of television in the country.”

Airtel has also entered into a deal with IBM Daksh Business Process Services which would be providing voice and back-office services.

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Airtel iNet on Airtel Digital TV DTH Service

Airtel iNet on Airtel Digital TV DTH Service

One of the many interesting services being offered by Airtel Digital TV is the iNet service.

Airtel states that using this feature, subscribers to their DTH service would be able to access the Internet directly on their television screens.

This does not look like a fully featured Internet service. Instead, it looks like a limited access Internet service to deliver updates on news, stock markets and other fields.

Users would however be able to surf on the Airtel’s own website using this service.

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