Google Hangouts for Apple iOS get moods and some new indicators

Google is rolling out a new build of Hangouts mobile app for the users of Apple iOS devices.

The app now lets you set a mood similar to the app on Android devices. This mood appears with your read status in the conversations.

Google Hangouts for iOS also gets the ability to indicate to other users that the user is connected through a phone or a tablet. This feature is not yet available on the Android build.

In addition, the app would also indicate to others if you are currently in a phone or video call.

Feedly for Apple iOS updated with massive performance boost

Feedly has updated their mobile app for Apple iOS devices. The latest edition offers massive performance improvements. Feedly Pro users also get the ability to search through their feeds.


Support for iOS7
Fixes auto-refresh bug
300% faster start time
Cleaner visual design
Search in my feedly (pro feature)
New explore section
Enhanced feed search
SMS sharing
Better Buffer integration
Better Pocket integration
Better Facebook integration
Better Twitter integration

Flickr is a core sharing app on Apple iOS 7

Flickr in iOS 7

Flickr blogged about the new experience offered by their technology on the Apple iOS 7 powered devices.

The company highlighted that Apple has made Flickr a core part of this update. Users can now share photos to their Flickr account from anywhere on the iPhone/iPad.

Flickr highlighted how you can connect your Flickr account to your iPhone to get started:

To connect your device with iOS 7 and Flickr, you simply need to go to Settings and enter your Yahoo ID and password. Please note that in order to use the Flickr integration, you must have a Yahoo account. In case you sign-in to Flickr via your Facebook and Google account, you can upgrade to a full Yahoo account. We made the upgrade process as easy as possible and within just a few steps you will be able to pick your Yahoo! ID and setup a password that you can then use to connect your existing Flickr account with iOS 7.

Of course, on Android you do not need Google’s help to become a core sharing app. Android sharing intents allow you to share content from any app to another app as long as the content is compatible.

Apple now automatically offer last compatible app to devices running older iOS editions

Apple no longer offer the newer builds of iOS updates on older devices like the iPhone, iPhone 3G. Apple iOS 7 would not be available on Apple iPhone 3GS and some other iOS based devices.

As a result, users of these devices would eventually find themselves trying to download apps that are no longer compatible with their phones and tablets.

Apple has rolled out a pretty cool solution for this problem. They would automatically offer the last compatible version for the iOS version the device is running. This way users would still be able to download and install apps that require newer iOS builds like Twitter and Instagram.

However, there are no guarantees if these older version of apps would work optimally.

Apple Siri seems to be coming out of Beta with iOS 7!

Apple has not announced it officially but they have removed all references to Siri being beta from their website.

Apple Siri was launched as a core new feature of Apple iPhone 4S. It was later added to the next iPad and iPad Mini.

Google launched Google Now platform in response to Apple Siri and since then digital assistants have become quite popular on both mobiles and desktops. Google is in fact bring Google Now to their Chrome browser and Google Search.

Apple Siri is currently available on iPhone 4S and later models, iPad with Retina, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Apple iOS 7 Beta 2 released to developers. Comes with iPad support.

Apple has released the second beta of their iOS 7 build to developers. This build works on Apple iPads.

This is the first time we would get to see the iOS 7 on the iPad. Apple had showcased it on the iPhone at their WWDC event earlier this month.

The consumer build would be released later this year hopefully with the next generation iPhone.

This update adds a couple of features over the first beta build like Voice Memos and voice options for Apple Siri.

Apple iPod Touch has sold more than 100 million units globally

Apple iPod Touch has sold more than 100 million units globally

Apple iPod Touch got a new budget model today. And the company also revealed that they have now sold more than 100 million units of the various versions of the model globally since launch.

Apple launched the first generation iPod Touch back in 2007. And since then it has become a bestselling device for the company.

It has lost the charm in the recent times with smartphones replacing portable media players for most of us. But it still sells in good numbers to remain a relevant product for the company.

Apple iPod Touch gets a new 16GB edition with retina display

Apple has introduced a new low end iPod Touch with retina display. This model lacks a camera at the back. It comes with 16GB storage and is priced at USD 229.

It features the same ultra-slim design of the current generation iPod Touch along with a 4 inch retina display with touch support. It is powered with a dual core Apple A4 processor and comes bundled with the company’s EarPods.

It is now on sale in the US market.

With this new model, Apple has discontinued the previous generation iPod Touch.

Apple WorldWide Developer Conference 2013 confirmed for June 10

Apple has now confirmed that they are hosting their Apple WorldWide Developer Conference on June 10.

The company has not revealed what they plan to do at this event. We are likely to see previews of the next OS X update and of course iOS 7.

The company could also announced their next generation iOS products. Apple iPhone 5S might make an appearance along with the iPad Mini with retina display?

In any case, Google I/O event has put a lot of pressure on Apple this time around.

Another interesting thing is that there are rumors of an Android event that could happen on the same day. Google did not announce Android 4.3 at I/O. They also did not show any new hardware from Motorola and Nexus brands at that event. There are strong feelings that Google or Motorola might host a media event on June 10 to showcase their next generation devices.

Should get really interesting!