StatCounter research suggests iPhone users will migrate quickly to new iOS 11

New data shows Apple success in migrating iPhone users to latest operating systems

StatCounter Global Stats launches new resource to analyse breakdown of operating system versions across iOS, Android and macOS

San Francisco, CA; Thursday, 14th September, 2017: iPhone users are likely to quickly adopt Apple’s new iOS 11 based on current adoption analysis , according to new OS version stats StatCounter launched today.

iOS 11 is scheduled to be released from Tuesday. StatCounter has added a breakdown of the various versions of iOS, Android and Mac operating systems used to access the internet to its Global Stats research tool.

It found that over 70% of Apple’s iPhone internet usage is currently through its last operating system (iOS 10.3), while just 12.6% of Google’s Android usage is via its most recent version.

“We’ve added breakdowns of iOS, Android and Mac versions in response to requests from developers and analysts,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

StatCounter Global Stats is a free to all application which allows media, developers, analysts and all those interested in monitoring who is winning the battle to control the internet. It provides monthly and daily updates by individual country or region categorised by browser, operating systems, search, mobile v desktop, device vendor and social media.

StatCounter’s ( core business is to provide companies, agencies, bloggers, self-employed and charities with the data to measure visitor activity on their website, blog or forum. Its research arm StatCounter Global Stats grew out of the volume of research material it was able to harness from 10 billion page views per month to more than two million websites.

The new data finds that 71.4% of iOS internet usage worldwide is through 10.3 with 8.6% via the previous 10.2 version and 7.7% by 9.3.

In the Android space just 12.6% of internet usage is via its latest 7.0 Nougat; 33.3% is through 6.0 Marshmallow OS, with 20.9% via 5.1 Lollipop.

Apple is less effective in migrating Mac users compared to mobile with 48.9% of Mac internet usage through its latest macOS Sierra; 22.8% via OS X El Capitan and 16% through OS X Yosemite.

macOS Version Market Share

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Google Hangouts is now material… On Apple iOS!

A lot of Hangouts fans would get disappointed to see that Google decided to rollout material Hangouts for Apple iOS devices first.

Hopefully Google Android would get it in the coming days!

– Sleek & polished with material design
– Quick compose button to find your most frequent contacts and start a new conversation
– Easy access to the full complement of attachments, making it easy to pick photos, stickers, emoji and more
– Improved experience for phone calling with a new Dialer UI

Google Slides mobile app now support Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay

Google released today new update of their Slides mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The company has finally added support for Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay in this release.

This is pretty useful as users can now broadcast their presentations right from their smartphone to a large screen display like a projector or television connected with a compatible casting device.

Google said:

When you’re up on the big screen, you can use your smaller screen to advance slides, view speaker notes and stay on track with a built-in timer. This way you can focus more on telling your story and engaging your audience…instead of on logistics.

Google Docs Blog: Show up, don’t set up—Google Slides supports Chromecast and AirPlay

Google Calendar finally gets an app for Apple iOS devices!

Google today launched the much awaited Google Calendar app for Apple iOS devices. This app was announced recently when the Android edition got a major update. The version for Apple iOS has all the same features of the Android app.

The company said:

Just like on Android, you’ll get the following features: Events from Gmail, which turn emails into Calendar events automatically Assists, which make suggestions that save you time creating events Schedule View, which makes your calendar easy to scan and lovely to look at

Official Gmail Blog: Google Calendar for iPhone. It’s about time.
Google Calendar on the App Store on iTunes

Gmail on Apple iOS devices get quick action buttons from notifications and more

Google today rolled out a useful update of their Gmail app for Apple iOS devices. This update adds a couple of useful new enhancements to the Gmailing experience on Apple devices.


Take quick actions on notifications
You can now decide whether you want to reply to or archive new messages straight from your lock or notifications screen. These quick actions help you stay on top of your messages without having to open the app.

Email files from other apps
It’s now easier than ever to attach photos, links, and documents directly to a Gmail message. Just select Gmail in the share menu and start attaching files directly from iPhoto, Chrome, and other apps.

Easily open attachments
Using your attachments on mobile can be a pain. With the new attachment viewer you can now open files of any kind directly into the app of your choosing.

New in Gmail for iOS Today, the Gmail app for iOS is getting a handful of…

Google Calendar for Android getting a bunch of new enhancements

Google today announced a couple of new functionalities that would soon be part of the Google Calendar app for Android.

Here are the main highlights:

● See more events at a glance with 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom
● Add Google Drive files to events. Drive will even check if everyone can open them.
● Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You’ll also see the same changes on the web next week.
● A new option to show week numbers in settings.
● Import .ics files sent to you in Gmail and other apps

Gmail – Google+

Google added that they are working on a version of the app for Apple iOS devices as well.

Inbox by Gmail is now available on Tablets and Firefox/Safari browsers

Google has rolled out an update of their Inbox by Gmail apps. The mobile app is now optimized for both Android and iOS tablets.

In addition, Google has also updated the web interface to work in Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. It only supported Chromium based browsers till now.

Google said:

It’s always hard to know when it’s time to share a new product, because there’s always just a _few_ more things you want to do. Today we’re happy to check off some of these to-dos for Inbox, making it easier to use on more devices and browsers. If you’re a big fan of tablets, you’ll be excited to learn that Inbox has come to iPad and Android tablets. Download the app from the App Store and Google Play. In addition, Inbox now supports Firefox and Safari, as well as Chrome. You can sign in at

Official Gmail Blog: Inbox by Gmail: now in more places

Google Translate gets Word Lens integration on mobile apps

Google is rolling out new builds of their Translate mobile apps. The latest edition adds support for Word Lens technology that lets you translate imagery you view through the camera on the device in real time.

The company said:

Whether you’re deciphering a sign in Rio de Janeiro or negotiating with a shop owner in Berlin, Google Translate can be your guide. Starting today, you can instantly translate signs using your phone’s camera and the Translate app, available on Android and iOS.

Inside Google Translate – Google Translate

Google rolls out updated Drive app to support new iOS features and Google Now

Google has announced the release of an updated Drive app for both Android and iOS devices. This update adds a couple of useful features:

– On Android, you can now search for files in Drive from the Google app. For example, you could say “OK, Google — search for holiday letter on Drive” to get to your files without opening the app and typing keywords.
– On iPhone and iPad, you can add more of your stuff to Drive by uploading content from other iOS apps.
– On both Android and iOS, you can now access and share custom maps you create with Google My Maps.

Apple iOS update is out now. Google Android update of course is being rolled out in a staged manner.