Maruti to increase Suzuki Swift production to meet the demand

Maruti to increase Suzuki Swift production to meet the demand

Maruti has had massive success with their latest product in the Indian market. Suzuki Swift is totally unlike any other Maruti product here in its entire history. It is beautiful, brand new design and uses the modern styling cues. It is one of the best products in the market of its segment and it is from the market leader Maruti. So much so that the people who had ordered the car before it was launched are still facing delays in getting their own unit delivered due to massive demand and shortage of supplies

The company is now making corrections, as it has understood that the demand for this car is here to stay. Maruti Suzuki is now planning to ramp up the production of this model from around 6,000 units per month to 9,000. They are planning to do so soon so as to meet the demand of the ever-growing latest car from their stables. TechWhack has received numerous complaints from the waiting customers who are irritated at the delayed shipment of their car.

The company will not require any additional investment to expand the production as they already have the required infrastructure in place. Maruti launched Suzuki Swift to compete against the models likes Getz and Opel Corsa Sail as the consumer showed interest in the premium segment B-Class cars, which never were successful earlier in the Indian auto market.

The next launch in this segment is going to be from General Motors in the form of Chevrolet Spark, which is planned for launch early next year. Another model in the form of Chevrolet Spark is awaited in this market, which can give a tough competition to Maruti products. As a result, Maruti is also working on a diesel variant of this model with an engine they are co-developing along with Fiat.

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