Sun launches Ultra 20 workstation for sub-$1000

Sun launches Ultra 20 workstation for sub-$1000

Sun Microsystems has launched a new workstation for CAD and software developers which come with a low entry cost point than competing machines. Sun’s workstations are quiet popular with engineers who are working in research and development of jet planes designs and other similar projects. The company has shipped more than one million workstations in the multi-billion-dollar space.

Now, Sun is looking to change its market outlook by offering their new Sun Ultra 20 workstation at a starting price of just USD 895. This entry price is less than competing workstations from IBM, Dell and Hewlett Packard, which generally start at more than a thousand dollars. Sun Executive Vice President John Fowler was present at the launching ceremony.

In addition to Sun’s Solaris operating system, the Ultra 20 comes preloaded with Java developer tools. It includes Sun Studio 10, Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 and Sun Java Studio Creator 2004, applications together worth thousands of dollars! The software is preinstalled, which makes it easier for the developers to get going with the machine.

Ultra 20 is powered by AMD Opteron chips and comes with half a terabyte of internal storage. Other goodies include the NVIDIA Quadro PCI-Express graphics boards and PCI-Express media and communications processors. Equipped with UltraSPARC processors, Ultra 3 comes pre-loaded with Solaris 10 and is geared to help developers and system administrators to run applications requiring similar specification computers as stationary machines but can be taken on the go. Entry-level pricing for the Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation starts at USD 3,400.

Both machines should be available in the retail market by next month.

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