Sublime Text 2 gets a new beta with a new icon

Jon Skinner has released a new beta of his Sublime Text 2 app.

The app now features a brand new icon created by The Iconfactory.

Sublime Text 2 gets a new beta with a new icon
Sublime Text 2 gets a new beta with a new icon


Simplified Settings. Settings were previously split into File Settings and Global Settings. These two sets have now been combined into a single settings file, so you won’t need to work out which setting goes where. The first time you run build 2181, your previous user settings will be automatically merged.

Improved Automatic Indentation. Auto indent is now smarter, so when you press enter, the indentation of the new line will be determined correctly more often. It’s aware of language features (such as indenting the line following an if statement in C), and will use bracket matching to determine indentation.

Word Highlighting. When selecting a word, other occurrences of that word will be highlighted, for example, to help visualise where variables are used. This can be controlled with the match_selection setting.

Text Rendering Quality. 2181 features several subtle improvements to text rendering, including:
Windows now uses Consolas by default, and will give better results when using Direct Write.
Improved sub-pixel positioning on OS X, matching Core Text output.
Linux now uses Pango, giving better results for unicode text.
Rendering of rulers, line highlights and misspellings has been improved.

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