ST1.3 Series: Seagate displays a 12 GB minidrive

Seagate displays a 12 GB minidrive

The leading hard disk and storage-manufacturing giants Seagate have unveiled their latest product, a 12 GB mini drive. This drive was launched at the ongoing 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.

This latest series in their CE family, the ST1.3 Series comes with a storage capacity of 12GB capacity in a one-inch format that is smaller than previous CE drives. The company claims that this new product has a 23 percent smaller footprint and consumes 30 percent less power than previous models in the range.

Seagate is also offering a new optional drop sensor for increased robustness and this new drive uses the latest perpendicular storage technology. Brodie Keast, Seagate’s general manager of consumer electronics said in a statement on this new drive: “Portable, on-demand video is driving the next wave of revenue opportunity for the mobile phone and entertainment communities. As consumer adoption drives the demand for the availability of video content anytime and anywhere, the need for tiny, high-capacity hard drives becomes more apparent.”

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