Sprint planning to offer full movie download on mobile phones

Sprint planning to offer full movie download on mobile phones

Sprint Nextel Corporation has big plans for their mobile service subscribers. The company is expected to soon announce a new service, which would allow these mobile users to watch full-length movies, television shows, concerts, and comedy specials. This facility would be available to users of its mobile video phones and is provided by vendor MSpot.

The offer would be for unlimited shows and movies for a monthly flat fee of $6.95 in addition to the regular service charges. This news comes at a time where Video is becoming a major feature addition to everything from gaming consoles to digital music players. Sprint along with many other wireless phone services are looking to video content like TV programs, music and sports to bring in more revenues.

Some of the earlier content to be available on this service is expected to include titles like One-Eyed Jacks, Angel and the Badman, Night of the Living Dead and Short Circuit. Dale Knoop, Sprint’s general manager for multimedia services said that their company along with MSpot is currently negotiating to bring more content to this new service. The aim is to bring at least seven new movies every week to their users.

Apple recently launched their iPod Video player with capabilities of playing video. They also started selling video content on their iTunes web store and have already sold millions of movie clips and TV shows. All these factors go on to show the demand for video on the move and Sprint would be targeting the same demanding customer base.

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