SpreadFirefox.com hacked, user information reportedly leaked

SpreadFirefox.com hacked, user information might have leaked

We at TechWhack received a mail earlier this morning about this incident. Now, it is becoming something of a nightmare for the Mozilla Foundation. It is being noticed in the media (anything related to Firefox becomes big news!) and questions are being asked. Mozilla Foundation released a security alert today saying that the popular community site SpreadFirefox.com was hacked earlier this week and apparently, user information stored on their servers were possibly accessed.

The hackers made use of an unpatched security vulnerability in the software that runs SpreadFirefox.com. It happened earlier this week on Sunday and was not discovered for 2 days. Mozilla took the site down for a couple of days to analyze the hacking attempt and has now revealed their findings. The site has been patched now and it is back up again. The open source organization is asking all the members of the site to change their passwords on the site. In addition, they are also telling the users to change the same used password on all the other locations the user is registered.

According to the e-mail, the foundation has also said that they have reviewed their security plan to determine why they didn’t previously apply those fixes in this case, and have modified that plan to ensure they do so in the future. The flaw was in the content management system Drupal that the site uses. However, the organization believes that the attempt was not to steal user information. Instead, the hackers wanted to use their servers for sending spam mails.

In other news, market reports say that the organization is soon going to achieve a 10% market share with Mozilla Firefox in the web browser market.

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