SpaceShipOne named ‘Invention of the Year’

SpaceShipOne named ‘Invention of the Year’

Time Magazine has labeled world’s first privately developed craft, which managed to enter into space SpaceShipOne, the ‘Invention of the Year’. The event was part of the magazine’s annual ‘Coolest Invention’ issue.

The spacecraft has made three trips to space in this year alone and is designed in the shape of a shuttlecock. It also won the X Prize of $10 million for private space travel when it made two of those trips within 2 weeks alone!

The craft runs on a rocket motor powered by laughing gas and rubber and is the sized of a small biplane. The project is backed by two ambitious billionaires. Moreover, this might be one of the spacecrafts, which might make base for the space tourism industry in the coming years.

X Prize founder Peter Diamandis told media about this spectacular vehicle: “It’s a spaceship that fits in your two-car garage, and you can take it to space every other day”.

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