Sony planning to make it big in Digital SLR Camera market

Sony planning to make it big in Digital SLR Camera market

Electronics giant Sony has now aims to make it big in the digital SLR market now that they have acquired assets in the Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. Konica recently announced their plans to leave the old generation film market and are now concentrating on expanding into the digital camera market in collaboration with Sony.

Konica also said that they were selling a part of their SLR camera business to Sony for an undisclosed sum. This would put Sony in a good position to expand their businesses in the digital SLR market. They are already the world’s second largest digital camera maker after Canon.

Sony has little presence in the SLR market and had announced plans to enter this segment last year in July. SLR market is largely dominated by the traditional players, which makes a killing from selling the lenses, which are interchangeable in SLR cameras. This market is largely dominated by Canon and Nikon.

More competition is expected from a new alliance between other smaller players like Pentax and Olympus. Sony is now aiming to garner a 20-25 percent of the fast-growing digital SLR market by focusing on relatively inexpensive models. Yutaka Nakagawa, president of Sony’s digital imaging business group said in a statement on their plans: “But because there are few players in this market, I would like to grab an even bigger share than that.”

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