Sony Pictures Blu-ray DVDs to cost around 20% more

Sony Pictures Blu-ray DVDs to cost around 20% more

Sony Pictures has revealed the pricing of their content on the next generation storage format based on the Blu-Ray technology. The company has revealed that their movies on its new Blu-ray DVD format would be around 15-to-20 percent more expensive to the current DVD standard.

Sony is in battle along with Toshiba over the format for the next generation DVD storage standard. Toshiba has developed their own format called the HD DVD. Both companies have their own backers and Sony plans to take an advantage with the integration of a Blu-Ray drive in their upcoming Sony Playstation 3 gaming console.

Market experts believe that these incremental prices are an aggressive move from the company and would help them lure in customers for their content-based Blu-Ray disks. Richard Doherty, an analyst with Envisioneering said in a statement: “The prices indicate that Sony is being very aggressive about helping Blu-ray be attractive in price to replace (HD) DVD sooner than we thought. It’s a very positive step. When someone goes to all this trouble with a next generation format, some would have expected it to be double the price. It’s very aggressive.”

It would be interesting to see the pricing of content available on HD DVD based disks in the market. Both the formats are expected to hit the streets in the coming months with Sony expected to launch their PS3 in spring this year.

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