Sony Ericsson to provide music on mobiles services

Sony Ericsson to provide music on mobiles services

Apple is doing it with Motorola and now even Nokia is entering the market with unlikely collaboration with software giant Microsoft of providing music downloads and playing on mobile devices. Sony is another major player with interests in both the markets. They sell mobile phones along with Ericsson and they sell digital music players where Apple has completely smashed them in terms of sales and brand recognition with iPod and iTunes.

Sony Ericsson does not want to repeat the mistakes Sony made with digital music player market. They have decided to join hands with other departments of Sony group and announced a strategy at the 3GSM World Congress, Cannes, France. They would soon be launching products featuring integration of high quality digital music players into its classic, stylish mobile phones under the world famous Walkman brand.

The Walkman®-branded phones will support all the popular music formats and digital music store (excluding iTunes of course). First mobiles should be out in the market by March and would enable users to transfer their existing CD collections to their phones via a PC. On a later date, Sony would enable transfer and playing of copy-protected music files purchased and downloaded via a computer from the Internet or direct to the phone.

President of Sony Ericsson, Miles Flint talked about this latest initiative from Sony to media: ‘The Walkman® showed us that people of every generation love listening to music while on the move, and we believe the mobile phone is the perfect device to extend the world of digital mobile music to a much wider audience. Since its creation, Sony has sold more than 340 million units of Walkman® branded music devices globally, illustrating the mass appeal of mobile music. Sony Ericsson is proud to write a new chapter in the Walkman® story”.

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