Sony Ericsson Sync shutting down

Sony Ericsson has announced that they are shutting down their own Sony Ericsson Sync service.

Sony Ericsson Sync shutting down

The company is recommending the users of this service to switch to Google Sync which works with multiple platforms.

Two other alternatives are also recommended: Plaxo and UNYK.

Sony said:

We are phasing out Sony Ericsson Sync service since it was meant for old generation phones and our aim is to create a more enhanced and integrated smartphone experience for you. As an alternative to Sony Ericsson Sync service, we recommend you to use the Google Sync service for a more integrated experience in line with the favorite range of Google Mobile Services like Google Voice Search, Google Maps and YouTube. Other alternatives are Plaxo and UNYK. If you’re already using other sync services, you can of course continue to use them instead.

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