Sony collaborating with Apple on an online music service

Sony collaborating with Apple on an online music service

This would perhaps be the most surprising news for anyone who has tracked the Apple’s digital music ambitions over the last couple of years. The saga began when Apple launched their Apple iPod device a couple of years ago. It was later complimented with Apple iTunes digital music store, which allowed the users to purchase and download songs from the internet for a mere 99 cents per song.

The combination has been a huge success for the company as they now have a dominating lead in both these markets. In fact, the company sells more than a million songs from their iTunes music store on a daily basis, which is quite extraordinary feet considering the popularity of the P2P networks on the internet.

The latest news in is that Sony is talking with Apple for a possible collaboration on a music service in their Japanese market enabling the users of Apple iPod to get access to Japanese musicians under the Sony Entertainment branch. Both the companies are big competitors in the digital music player market with Apple having the advantage in terms of numbers. In fact, Sony is due to launch its Walkman Bean music player, which is targeted at the Apple iPod Shuffle device.

However, they might join hands together for the benefit of the end consumer letting iPod owners access Sony’s list of Japanese artists.

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