SmartVideo Technologies launches ad-supported video channel

SmartVideo Technologies launches ad-supported video channel

SmartVideo Technologies is already offering a subscription based video service to the mobile users in the United States. Now, they are going ahead and are offering an ad-supported, 24-hour free music video channel for internet enabled mobile phones, computers and other computing devices capable of connecting to the internet.

This service would be offering full-length music videos from popular music artists including those from U2, Kanye West and Mariah Carey. Richard Bennett, president and chief executive of the company claimed that they have licensed thousands of videos to launch this new service for the web users in the country. They have further plans to add music video channels customized to match their user’s preferences as they get more feedback.

The service would be available through North America and would require the user to download copy-protection and licensing software to their portable device to see the music videos. At the moment, it is compatible with as many as 100 handsets and the company claims that it should technically be usable on any wireless carrier.

Apple Computers and Google are two other companies working in similar direction. Though instead of free download service, they sell music videos and television episodes and other third party videos for sale.

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