Smartr Contacts for iPhone launched

Xobni has launched their Smartr mobile app for the Apple iPhone platform.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone launched


– Integrated. Built for iPhone and leverages iPhone contact list.
– Automatic. Finds all the people you know from your email, calendar or social networks.
– Personal. Puts a face to every name and email address.
– Insightful. Detects and assigns phone numbers automatically.
– Socially aware. Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
– Relevant. Ranks contacts by importance, so the most important people are at the top.
– Fast. Search by first, last, company name or phone number to find anyone.
– Contextual. View email and calendar subjects for each person.
– Convenient. One click access to SMS, call or email.

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