Smart Valley to bring WiFi in Silicon Valley

Smart Valley to bring WiFi in Silicon Valley

Some of the biggest tech companies in the United States are coming together and have started an initiative called Smart Valley to bring a high-speed wireless data network that would cover California’s Silicon Valley region.

The initiative is supported by microprocessor giants Intel and is now looking for offers from the companies interested in designing this kind of a high-end network to cover this Mecca of information technology in the United States.

Smart Valley also includes a joint venture between Silicon Valley Network and the San Mateo County Telecommunications Authority who have said that they have signed on an agreement to develop a request for proposal for the project.

The aim is to cover the 1,500 square mile area stretching from Fremont in the East Bay, south to Gilroy, over the hill to Santa Cruz, and up the Peninsula to San Mateo with a wireless broadband network enabling people to stay online while on the move.

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