Slide, learn, earn! with the launch of SlideApp in India

SlideApp, an India based startup today announced the launch of its lock screen Android application that delivers content and advertisements to consumers on their smartphone lock screens. The first of its kind app, SlideApp allows users to access the interesting content of their choice while also earning rewards every time they swipe to access. Each time a user wakes up the phone, a full-screen content or advertisement is displayed instead of the default lock screen. The users then have the option to swipe right to go to their home screen or swipe left to access the content displayed. Every left swipe is an opportunity to view the content which is either interesting local content or commercial content on brands to earn rewards in the form of free recharge for now. Every swipe is a reward, an opportunity to earn and learn!

SlideApp is partnering with a number of leading brands in the F&B, Travel, Hospitality, Education and Technology space to advertise and content curators at a local level to publish content on SlideApp platform to offer rich and useful content hereby giving users ample opportunity to use the content and earn at the same time. The advertisers can make use of this extremely pervasive mobile platform to reach consumers on their lock screens offering a win-win to both.

Speaking on the launch, Amrita Gujral, India Business Head, SlideApp, said, “Being in the field of advertising and marketing for a while and having worked with the consumer segment closely on insight mining, the idea of SlideApp originated from the fact that smartphones are the most used devices at the hand of consumers who on an average look at the smartphone more than 100 times in a day. Couple this with India being the fastest growing smartphone regions in the world, it just makes perfect sense to offer this medium to marketers and publishers. With SlideApp, we aim totarget the youth, the spirited parents and even the grandparents and just about everyone who has a smartphone by offering great content, offers and advertisements to meet their requirements as well as allowing them an option to earn in the process. Mobiles are no longer the secondary medium of information and are infact the first bet to any question with all the access right there. We aim to work it as a support media and have a platform where the consumer and content worlds meet in the easiest and simplest manner. I want it! You got it! For an advertiser as well, he gets his brand across to a set of focused TG that chooses to witness content and for consumers it is a double gain with great content and rewards.”

SlideApp is backed by prominent leaders in the mobile and marketing space both in India and Korea that support this idea and have added value to the whole concept of this media platform.

Speaking on the design of the app, the Technical Head, SlideApp India, Nakul Sethi, adds,“The app boasts of clutter free design and clear UI offering content that is most receptive and can be seen through the clutter.We have broken down similar models to study the most common lapses and have ensured that the interaction and redemption process is most convenient to the consumer and that’s the focus. A clear concept with a friendly interface is our USP. We focus on consumer delight through our app”

An ideal platform for brands and budding creatives with hunger for knowledge and art form, SlideApp is driven to the cause of marrying the wants of the one reading the content to the one offering it.

SlideApp has big plans for the Indian market at a macro and micro level and would allow this brand to seep in more as a habit with Indian consumers and partner the corporates in meeting their TG in their most natural and comfortable space where they wish to be receptive. We are here to make a behavioral difference and not just a pure app. Its usage and utility put into one

SlideApp is available for download for Android users on the Google Play Store and can be foundhere:

You can also log onto the website,for a usage description of the app and start learning and earning or follow us on Twitter at #SlideWithPride.

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