Skype now has more than 100 Million registered users

Skype now has more than 100 Million registered users

The leaders in the VoIP software market Skype have crossed a major milestone. The company now has a registered user base of more than 100 million.

Interestingly, they just had around 54 million members when the ecommerce giants eBay went ahead and acquired them for an awesome figure of $2.6 billion.

This software application was developed by the creators of the popular p2p application Kazaa. Skype changed the way people communicated over the internet as it enabled voice conversations even for people with slow internet connections.

They now even support calling and receiving calls from regular telephone services for a small fee. This makes them more popular amongst the web users around the world.

The registered user base might have touched 100 million members; however, the real life user base of the application would be comprehensively lower considering not every member who registers keep using the application regularly.

Still, it is a major milestone for the company.

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