Sky TV launches Sky by Broadband film download service

Sky TV launches Sky by Broadband film download service

Another major television studio has entered the growing market of video download services. Sky TV has announced that they are launching a broadband service, which would allow their subscribers to legally download films from the internet. This service is called ‘Sky by Broadband’ and it would be offering 200 films free to digital subscribers.

However, the service is limited to consumers who have a broadband connection and a PC using Microsoft Windows XP. And the long term goal is to make available more than 1,000 films from Sky Movies’ back catalogue through broadband. In addition, the customers of their services would also be able to download sports clips through the broadband service.

Sky TV in addition also announced the launch of another service, Sky by Mobile. This service would provide news and sport to digital customers’ mobile phones. They have collaborated with Vodafone to provide this service to 3G network users. The company said that these new services were part of their continuing stream of innovations to keep users hooked to their offerings.

Sky TV representative Richard Freudenstein said in a statement: “Families’ entertainment needs are changing fast and audiences increasingly expect to be able to access content whenever and wherever they want.”

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