Canon to stop manufacturing single-lens reflex film cameras

Canon to stop manufacturing single-lens reflex film cameras

The digital revolution is leading to the demise of older technologies and we have another example of this happening as Canon has now announced that they would stop developing new single-lens reflex film cameras.

Rival company Nikon has already announced their plans to stop making seven of its nine film cameras and concentrate on digital models as the users shift from film based cameras to digital ones.

Canon is expected to continue making the currently available models as long as the demand exists. They would take further decisions based on the market situation.

Sales of digital cameras have more or less overtaken the traditional cameras in the market and the difference is widening every year. Market analysts believe that most of the buyers of film-based cameras are camera buffs who like to collect the various models for collections.

The market is also getting consolidating as Konica Minolta Holdings recently said it was quitting the camera business altogether. They also sold their digital assets to rival Sony Corp.

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