Shazam has identified over 1 billion songs!

Shazam has identified over 1 billion songs!

Shazam is one of the very interesting web services that work great on a mobile device.

The service specializes in identifying songs that it can listen to using the phone’s headphone.

It records a snippet, sends it for identifying and sends back the result.

The entire process is smooth and results are usually perfect provided the source is clear and good quality.

Shazam also allow the users to buy or listen to the song from the mobile device itself after it is identified. They also get the ability to share it with friends through social networking tools.

The company has now revealed that they have around 75 million users who have used the service to identify more than one billion songs.

Gettin’ Over by David Guetta ft. Chris Willis was the one billionth song to be identified by the service.

Shazam has made sure that it works on pretty much all advanced devices. It supports a variety of platforms including Android, BlackBerry, BREW, iPhone, iPad, J2ME, Symbian and Windows Phone.

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