SEJ: seems to be blocked in China

SEJ: seems to be blocked in China

Search Engine Journal is reporting that the Yahoo’s International portal is apparently blocked at the moment in China.

The Chinese government is known to be quite strict about the freedom their citizens have to express their thoughts on the web. Google has been one of the victims as they are forced to display censored search results on the Chinese version of their search engine.

SEJ Blogger Gemme further states that the reason for this probable block could be the recent statement made by Yahoo: “China should not punish people for expressing their political views on the Internet”. He added that the block could be the way the Chinese government is showing who the boss is in their country…

The blog post states:

This morning I checked again and is still unavailable. Also stopped giving results entirely.

Yahoo! China still resolves, as the Chinese version of Yahoo is owned by Chinese company Alibaba which makes it less likely this version will be affected.

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