Search Engine Helps Online Shopping Sites

Search Engine Helps Online Shopping Sites

Online shoppers it seems trust search engines more than the shopping sites. As per a survey report, shoppers who land on a shopping site through a search engine page are more likely to purchase the item than a shopper who lands on the page browsing through the pages on the website.

These number of search engine directed shoppers is as high as twice the number of regular shoppers. As per a report released by research firm WebSideStory Inc., the last three months of 2005 saw the conversion rate for search engines at retail sites at around 2.3%. this was impressive compared to 0.96 percent for other sources, such as banner ads, affiliate marketing links, shopping search engines and other referring links.

The report also said that the search engines lagged far behind direct navigation, which had a conversion rate of 4.23 percent. Ali Behnam, a senior digital marketing consultant for WebSideStory said in a statement: “The best conversion rate still comes from good old-fashioned branding and customer loyalty, where visitors either bookmark your site or type your URL directly into the address bar.”

The report goes onto show that how important search engine rankings are for the shopping websites despite the huge spending on promoting through other mediums.

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