Seagate showcases 160GB laptop drive

Seagate showcases 160GB laptop drive

Leaders in PC hard disk manufacturing sector, Seagate have claimed that they have been able to manufacture the largest capacity hard drive for the laptops. The company has showcased a 160GB laptop drive which is currently the highest capacity offering in the 2.5 inch drive market.

This Momentus 5400.3 drive is also the first from the company, which uses the newly developed perpendicular data recording technology. This storage technology is rapidly being adopted by other players in the market and we should soon be seeing similar high capacity drives from the competitors as well in the coming times. Seagate themselves are planning to move to this kind of storage technology for all the hard drive products by the end of the year.

This new product from the company runs at 5,400 rpm and has been specially optimized for usage in laptop computers. The currently shipped version would be using the Ultra ATA/100 interface. Seagate would soon be releasing a faster Serial ATA interface capable version later this year. However, they have not revealed the expected price of these new products in the retail market.

What is Perpendicular Storage technology?
Perpendicular storage is a technology used in hard disks in which the direction of the magnetization in the bits stored on the hard disk platter is perpendicular to the platter surface. This means that the north and south poles of the magnetic grains of the medium are oriented perpendicular to the disk surface.

The bit magnetization in traditional longitudal storage hard disks is parallel to the disk surface. As the bits are made narrower, the boundary between bits, called a transition, becomes unstable as the north (or south) poles are configured head-on. In perpendicular recording, the transition is stable as opposite poles are next to each other. Very narrow bits (< 25 nanometers) are possible and therefore higher areal densities compared to longitudinal recording storage technology.

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