Sarah Lacy is the latest to leave the TechCrunch-AOL group

Sarah Lacy has announced that she is leaving TechCrunch. This was already a strong rumor in the industry and she has now confirmed herself in a blog post on the TechCrunch blog.

Sarah Lacy is the latest to leave the TechCrunch-AOL group

She spoke about her decision to leave:

As has already been widely reported, we weren’t able to pull it off, and when I came out of the labor and delivery room the next day, I discovered a job Mike and I had talked for years about me doing had been given to someone else.

Even still, I wanted to stay, and I had many conversations with Arianna Huffington, Heather and others trying to figure out something that made sense. They made many generous offers, and I don’t leave feeling unappreciated. But I can’t help feeling angry and sad over a lot of internal morale devastation and external brand destruction that simply didn’t have to happen.

I don’t think this is the time or the place to talk about what I’m doing next, but the plan isn’t to be a stay-at-home-mom. Ultimately this decision wasn’t about what went down with AOL and with Mike, it’s about me moving onto something I’m really excited to do next. And something that I hope will carry on the spirit of what Mike and Heather built at TechCrunch.

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