Samsung sued over vintage DVD Players

Samsung sued over vintage DVD Players

South Korea based tech giants Samsung is being sued by multiple U.S. movie studios over one of their vintage DVD players. The movie studios are claiming that the DVD player manufactured by Samsung allowed consumers to avoid encryption features that prevent unauthorized duplication.

The studios are also demanding that the company recall all the shipped products in the market suffering from this flaw. MPAA estimates that the industry took losses of around $5.4 billion last year due to rampant piracy prevailing in the market and products like this helps consumer to pirate digital content.

Samsung on their part have said that they are not guilty of shipping a defective product in the market with bad intentions. Company representative said in a statement: “I do not know why the movie studios are complaining about the products, of which production was brought to an end more than 15 months ago.”

He further added: “We stopped manufacturing the model after concerns erupted that its copy-protection features can be circumvented by sophisticated users.”

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