Samsung imitation phones can cause damage to Moto Razr popularity

Samsung imitation phones can cause damage to Moto Razr popularity

They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However Motorola won’t amused at the actions taken by South Korean tech giant Samsung. Motorola has made a smashing comeback in the US market with their Razr range of mobile phones, which has made sleek phones a popular choice for the end consumers.

This hugely successful ultra-slim Razr cell phone has given some kind of an advantage to the world’s second largest mobile maker. However, they might not enjoy this for long considering Samsung has plans to launch a slew of copycat thin designs sometime next year. Samsung is expected to release these five copycat ultra-thin models in the European market.

Market expert Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics said this about the strategies adopted by Samsung: “The Razr is a killer phone, among the world leaders in volume terms, as it is differentiated heavily from the competition by its ultra-thin form factor — it has a visual ‘wow’ factor that few devices have at this time.”

he added: “But Motorola today is experiencing a Golden Age that will be difficult, if not impossible, to sustain in the next 2 to 3 years, as copycat ultra-slim designs will reduce the uniqueness of the Razr through 2007 — the gap between Motorola and the rest will close in 2006 or 2007.”

Samsung already has a Razr look-alike in the form of V740 available in the market. They recently updated it by launching V8400 slider phone, in October. However, none of these phones could match the coolness factor provided by the Motorola Razr mobile phone.

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