Samsung, Hynix signs on a flash memory deal with Apple Computers

Samsung, Hynix signs on a flash memory deal with Apple Computers

After Intel and Micron, Apple Computers has now signed on a similar deal with more flash memory manufacturers in Samsung and Hynix. Both of these companies are based in South Korea. The deal is worth around 750 million dollars for both the companies and is for the supplies of NAND flash memory chips to Apple Computer.

Both the companies have clarified that this latest deal is a part of the Apple’s 1.25 billion dollar global drive to secure NAND flash memory chips from the five major semiconductor manufacturers by 2010. Apple uses this flash memory chips in their iPod range of digital music players including the very popular iPod nano.

Samsung is currently the world’s largest maker of such memory chips and they have confirmed that it has won a long-term contract worth 500 million dollars to supply NAND flash memory chips to Apple until 2010. Toshiba is another flash memory maker contacted by Apple in this regards.

Apple needed to get their deals in order for the next couple of years to ensure the constant supplies of its iPod music players in the market as competing products from rival companies would also require these memory modules. In addition, even the digital cameras and mobile phone makers are also using more and more of these flash memory modules in their products.

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