Samsung Galaxy Nexus barred from sale in USA

Samsung Galaxy Nexus barred from sale in USA

Apple has won an order from a US court to block the sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the US market. Courts decided that Galaxy Nexus is infringing on four patents owned by Apple. The injunction itself is based on a single patent related to voice and search functionality on the device.

This move is going to affect three companies: Verizon, Google and of course Samsung.

This comes just days after a similar court ruling barring sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US market.

Remains to be seen how Samsung would respond to this ruling. Verizon and Google are both selling this model to consumers in the US market. In fact, Google just reduced the price of Galaxy Nexus model by USD 50 at their I/O event. It is also the first smartphone to get the latest Jelly Bean edition of Android mobile platform.

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