Samsung bringing SGH-P900 to European markets

Samsung bringing SGH-P900 to European markets

South Korean tech giants Samsung is planning to launch the SGH-P900 mobile handset in the European market. The interesting thing is that this handset is compatible with the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting technology.

This would make Samsung the first manufacturer to handle the TV-on-the-move handsets to the European T-DMB standard. The launch of this handset would take place before the World Cup in June and should sell in huge numbers in the retail market.

Samsung SGH-P900 would have multimedia features such as TV and radio capabilities, a 2-million-pixel digital camera, and an MP3 player. In addition, the users would be able to rotate its 2.2-inch LCD screen into a horizontal position for watching TV.

The company is planning to launch this handset at the 3GSM in Barcelona this month. Samsung’s mobile phone department director in Europe, Anthony Park said in a statement: “Mobile television will radically change TV viewing behavior in Europe. Samsung has successfully introduced the world’s first DMB phones to the Korean market last year. Now, we want this phone to be another milestone along the road to mobile television in Europe.”

They are along with LG are already selling this new generation of mobile phones in their home market of South Korea since quite sometime.

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