Research in Motion: No plans to exit consumer segment

RIM is going through some tough times. The company has massively changed their top management in the recent days as they continue to struggle against the competition provided by Apple iPhone and Google Android.

There were reports that RIM has decided to turn their entire attention to the corporate market that they once used to dominate. The idea was that RIM was failing in the consumer market and it made no sense for them to pursue it anymore.

Research in Motion: No plans to exit consumer segment

RIM has however denied these reports. The company said:

The claim that RIM has said it will withdraw from the consumer market is wholly inaccurate. While we announced plans to re-focus our efforts on our core strengths, and on our enterprise customer base, we were very explicit that we will continue to build on our strengths to go after targeted consumer segments. We listed BBM, as well as the security and manageability of our platform, among these strengths.

RIM is scheduled to launch their Blackberry 10 platform in the coming months which would power their future smartphones and Tablets.

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