Reeder 3.0 released for Apple iPhone

Reeder 3.0 released for Apple iPhone

Silvio Rizzi has released a major update of Reeder mobile app for the Apple iPhone.

Reeder 3.0 is now available from the Apple App Store. It costs USD 3. The app provides an optimized user interface to access your RSS feeds from Google Reader. It also works as a client for Fever and Readability.


– Fever syncing (
– Much improved Readability syncing
– Multi-Account support (for Google Reader and Fever)
– In-app settings
– Subscribe and unsubscribe (Google Reader only)
– Text size and line height options in the article viewer

New sharing services:
– (
– Buffer (

Gestures, article list:
– Swipe right/left to toggle unread/starred (configurable for both directions)
– Two-finger swipe up/down to mark as read above/below

Gestures, article viewer:
– Swipe right to go back to article list
– Swipe left to open in-app browser
– Pinch-to-zoom for images
– Pinch to toggle Readability

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