reddit finally realizes that they created a monster competition in Imgur by not offering native image uploads

Reddit today announced internal feature for uploading images while creating a new post on the social platform.

This feature is not exactly new as the company has been testing it in their official apps for a while now.

Ability to upload an image at the time of posting new content means that users no longer have to use a third party service like Imgur first.

Image Hosting on Reddit from announcements

Imgur was originally created by a reddit user to provide a simple hosting service for reddit users. Eventually the service added social features enabling the creation of a community based on uploading images and videos. Today it is one of the most popular social platforms on the web today.

Reddit stated that a self-managed image hosting service was made necessary because of the growing popularity of mobile devices where it is kind of hard to multiple services at the same time to create new content on the platform. However, if they had launched such a feature few years ago, they would not have to deal with a massive competitor in the form of Imgur.

This is generally a good news for reddit users who were forced to use Imgur for sharing their animated GIFs and other original content as the service has become quite bloated in recent times as it struggles to come up with new ideas to keep the community hooked to their platform. There have also been issues with censorship of content which forced users to look for alternative services like Slimg.

Remains to be seen if this new feature introduced by reddit would hit Imgur traffic in a noticeable way in the coming months. The social market is pretty huge and both companies should be able to grow their audience without hurting one another.

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