Redbrowser.a: Java powered phones have their own Trojan Horse now

Redbrowser.a: Java powered phones have their own Trojan Horse now

Life’s bad if you prefer to stay up to date with the latest technological gizmos. Viruses and worms once used to be the headache for the computer users worldwide. Now, they are moving to the mobile platform as the latest alert comes for the mobile phones, which support the bare minimum java functionality.

This new Trojan horse has been named Redbrowser.a by McAfee, F-Secure, and Kaspersky Labs. And it is capable of infecting any device — smart phone, PDA, or cell phone — that runs Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). J2ME is the mobile platform software developed by Sun Microsystems.

Shane Coursen, a Kaspersky senior technical analyst said in a statement on this particular Trojan horse: “The important thing about this Trojan is that it can get to any device that runs J2ME. A good portion of cell phones use Java for games, and some of their other programs.”

The Trojan spreads by attaching itself to a regular text message, which can be transferred very easily to a large number of mobile phones. If this attachment is run, the Trojan installs code that sends out text messages to premium-rate phone numbers in Russia. This results in huge bills for the end customer.

However, the security companies have labeled this Trojan a low threat one considering there is little chances of it spreading around. And it is apparently failing to work in most countries as the numbers dialed are localized in Russia.

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