RealNetwork gets a knockout blow from users over iPod issue

So, RealNetwork tried to get a slice of the users of iPod portable music player by releasing software that let people upload software to iPod not bought from their online store. Apple did not exactly approve of this move my Real and decided to upgrade their firmware software to keep Real out along with probable legal action.

Now, Real thought why not publically challenge Apple and ask them to let users of iPod to access music bought from other music stores. For this they started a website called: Real’s Freedom of Music Choice. They also launched a public petition on a popular petitioning website asking for other people around the world to support their cause.

But well, Apple users are Apple users. Most of them at least. They support Apple and they support them hard. So the move practically backfired on RealNetwork… as most of the comments and messages on their websites criticized Real for making bad software (RealAudio) and trying to malign Apple for something that is really none of Real’s business. If you cannot make decent software, let alone a music player… You have no right to sabotage some other company’s products. That is the general opinion.

Public humiliation led to Real disabling the comment feature of their website. A great example of people power telling a corporation what they want. Something that is totally unrealistic to achieve in real world.

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