PCs based on Intel’s dual-core Pentium processor

PCs based on Intel’s dual-core Pentium processor

It is the turn of the microprocessor giant Intel to have some laughs over their competitor AMD, as computers based on their dual code processors would soon started appearing in the stores. Velocity Micro is one of the first firms to have developed these monsters, which are equipped with the Intel’s Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 840 processor. The computers come powered by processors with speeds up to an incredible 4 GHz.

The company has released Raptor DCX model aimed towards the gamers while ProMagix DCX multimedia machine and the ProMagix W140 DCX developed more for professional users. However, these computers have competition from the computers powered by the AMD-based 64-bit processors available in the market for quite sometime now.

Velocity is also promoting their LiquiCool fluid cooling system with these new computers. The cooling technology let the computer makers offer speeds up to 4 GHz on these systems though the company is offering them with 3.2GHz default speed. Pricing is not decided yet as the company expects to deliver these into the late second quarter of the current year.

Along with Velocity, Dell and other computer hardware giants are expected to launch similar high-powered machines in the coming times.

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