RapidShare gets legal relief in USA

RapidShare gets legal relief in USA

RapidShare has been found to be not guilty of aiding piracy in a case that was filed in California by adult media company Perfect 10.

The courts said that as a file sharing company, they cannot be held liable for content hosted by their users.

RapidShare spoke about this victory:

The view that RapidShare does not promote any infringements of copyright, unlike other file-hosts, appears to be gradually catching on.

It is a milestone for us that this is also happening in the US. We are happy that the court in California has not bought into the odd line of argument put forward by Perfect 10 and we look forward to increasingly emphasize the major difference between RapidShare and illegal share-hosts.

RapidShare is working on mechanisms where illegal content is removed from their servers when found and the visitor is redirected to a legal store where the same content can be purchased for download.

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