Quora launches a brand new feature named Boards

Quora is expanding their platform. A new feature named Boards is being introduced.

The company said that Boards feature would enable users to create multiple boards based on their interest and add content from the primary network for others to follow.

Users also get the option to add their own content like posts, opinions, questions…

Quora launches a brand new feature named Boards

The basic idea is to let people organize the content they like on Quora into their own space which can be followed by others.

Quora added:

On your profile, you can create any number of boards. Then, you can post any kind of content to them. You can write new posts, you can repost questions, answers, topics, or anything else that already exists on Quora, and you can also post a link to any page from the web. Boards have followers, and when you post something to a board, it will be shown to all of them. In this way, a board works like a lighter-weight version of a blog. But you can use them for organization, to make lists of things, as mailing lists, or anything else you want. You can add multiple authors to a board to make it collaborative. We support private boards as well.

As a contributor, boards give you a context so you can focus your posts for the specific people who are interested in them. As a reader, boards let you control what you see in your feed with more granularity. You can follow boards in addition or instead of following people, letting you focus in on just what someone thinks about a specific subject, their profession, or one of their hobbies.

Quora has also updated their mobile app for the Apple iOS platform that brings support for this new functionality.

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