Quanta Computer to develop PDA handsets for Hewlett-Packard

Quanta Computer to develop PDA handsets for Hewlett-Packard

Taiwan based tech company Quanta Computer would now be manufacturing PDAs for Hewlett-Packard. The company is expected to start the shipping of these products in the coming months. These PDAs would also function as mobile phones and would be sold as HP branded devices in the retail segment.

This report was published by Commercial Times who declined to reveal the source of this information. Quanta Computer are already the world’s largest contract-maker of notebook computers recently went into talks with Hewlett-Packard to expand their contract to cover a wide range of tech devices.

This deal would see Quanta Computers emerge as the second major out stationed contractor for the tech giants, which are more popular for their printers and scanners in the market. Hewlett-Packard is already in a similar deal with High Tech Computer Corp, which supplies them hardware components.

Hewlett-Packard entered this market for PDAs and Mobile Phones after their acquired Compaq a couple of years ago. Compaq manufactured iPaq devices, which are now sold in the market, branded as HP products.

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