WordPress.com blogs get PubSubHubbub

WordPress.com blogs get PubSubHubbub

The web is going real-time with new technologies enabling search engines to quickly find and index new content.

PubSubHubbub is one of those technologies that has been developed by a Google engineer.

From the tongue twisting name department we welcome PubSubHubbub, or as some people have shortened it to: PuSH. Like rssCloud, PuSH is a way for services that subscribe to updates from your blog (think Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes) to get updates even faster. In a nutshell, instead of having to periodically ask your blog if there are any updates they can now register to automatically receive updates each time you publish new content. In most cases these updates are sent out within a second or two of when you hit the publish button.

Automattic has announced that they have now enabled PubSubHubbub on the blogs hosted on WordPress.com.

Regular WordPress users can gain similar functionality through a free plug-in PuSHPress available from the WordPress website.

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