PostRank launches PostRank Activity Streams feature

PostRank launches PostRank Activity Streams feature

PostRank has announced the launch of a new service named PostRank Activity Streams.

PostRank Activity Streams is now part of their PostRank Analytics service.

The company spoke about this new feature:

Think of it as FriendFeed, but for your content. PostRank aggregates over 10 million daily activities from over 20 different social hubs, which means that we see every tweet, bookmark, vote, and comment about your stories. PostRank already knows about all the content you publish (zero setup, just specify your RSS feed), which means that we can scan the millions of activities, and pull out just the conversations and actions which mention your content! Nothing to setup, just login into your PostRank Analytics account and you’re ready to go.

This can become a great tool for any web publisher who wants to keep an eye on how popular their content becomes online and how!

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