Port 25: Microsoft launches a site related to Linux OS

Microsoft launches a site related to Linux OS

Software giants Microsoft have launched a website dedicated to open source operating system Linux and how their products can interact with them. This website is sponsored by the Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab and would offer blogs and other content on the company’s efforts to support Linux and Unix. This would also provide information on how people can interoperate these OS products with the Windows Operating System.

This web site is headed by long-time Linux guy Bill Hilf who now heads Microsoft’s platform technology strategy. He wrote in a Blog statement about this online project: “This will be the place we not only Blog, but also where we put analysis from our OSS labs and also where we discuss and show other parts of Microsoft that we think are just plain cool.”

He further added: “I think what you’ll see here over time is how a bunch of open source guys inside Microsoft think.” Hilf would also be looking after the controversial “Get the Facts” anti-Linux PR campaign, and Microsoft’s Shared Source.

It would interesting to see how this project shapes up. Initial reaction from the general web user saw posting of anti-Microsoft postings on this website!

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